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Aviation abbreviations
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M — Mach number
M — Manual tuned NAVAID
M (m) — Metres
M/ASI — Mach/airspeed indicator
M/E — Multi-engine
MAA — Maximum authorized IFR altitude
MAAT — Manual authoring and assessment tool
MAE — Men and equipment
MAG — Magnetic
MAHWP — Missed approach holding waypoint
MAINT — Maintenance
MAN — Manual
MAP — Aeronautical maps and charts
MAP — Manifold air pressure
MAP — Missed approach
MAPT — Missed approach point
MAR — At sea
MAR — March
MAUW — Maximum all up weight
MAWP — Missed approach waypoint
MAX — Maximum
MAX CLB — Maximum engine thrust for two-engine climb
MAX CRZ — Maximum engine thrust for two-engine cruise
MBST — Microburst
MBZ — Mandatory broadcast zone
MCA — Minimum crossing altitude
MCC — Multi-crew co-ordination
MCDU — Multi-purpose control display unit
MCM — Maintenance control manual
MCP — Mode control panel
MCT — Maximum continuous thrust
MCUR — Mean cycles between unscheduled removals
MCW — Modulated continuous wave
MDA — Minimum descent altitude
MDF — Medium frequency direction finding station
MDL — Multi-purpose data link
MDR — Major defect report
MEA — Minimum enroute altitude
MED — Medical
MEL — Minimum equipment list
MET — Meteorology, meteorological
MET REPORT — Aviation routine weather report
METAR — Aviation routine weather report
METRAD — Meteorological radar
MF — Medium frequency (300 to 3,000 KHz)
MHZ (MHz) — Megahertz
MIDAS — Multi-discipline data analysis system
MIDAS — Man-machine integration design and analysis system
MIFG — Shallow fog
MIL — Military
MIL-STD — Military standard
MILSPEC — Military specifications
MIN — Minimum
MIN — Minutes
MIOL — Medium intensity obstacle lights
MIRL — Medium intensity runway lights
MISC — Miscellaneous
MKR — Marker radio beacon
MLA — Maneuver limited altitude
MLE — Landing gear extended placard Mach number
MLJ — Military low jet
MLJR — Military low jet route
MLS — Microwave landing system
MLW — Maximum landing weight
MM — Middle marker
MMEL — Master minimum equipment list
MMO — Mach max operating
MN — Magnetic north
MNM — Minimum
MNT — Monitor, monitoring
MNTN — Maintain, maintaining, maintained
MOA — Memorandum of Agreement
MOA — Military operating area
MOC — Minimum obstacle clearance
MOCA — Minimum obstruction clearance altitude
MOD — Moderate, moderately
MOD — Modified, modification
MODIS — Moderate resolution imaging spectrometer
MON — Above mountains
MOPS — Minimum operational performance standards
MOS — Manual of Standards
MOU — Memorandum of Understanding
MOV — Move, moving, moved, movement
MOWP — Method of working plan
MPD — Maintenance planning data
MPI — Magnetic particle inspection
MPL — Multi-crew Pilot Licence
MPS — Metres per second
MRA — Minimum reception altitude
MRB — Maintenance review board
MRBR — Maintenance review board report
MRG — Medium Range
MRO — Maintenance, repair and overhaul
MRP — ATS/MET reporting point
MS — Minus
MSA — Minimum sector altitude
MSAS — Multi-function transport satellite (MTSAT) satellite-based augmentation system
MSDS — Material safety data sheets
MSG — Maintenance steering group
MSG — Message
MSG-3 — Maintenance steering group logic process
MSI — Maintenance significant item
MSL — Mean sea level
MSOS — Maintenance specific operation specification
MSSR — Monopulse secondary surveillance radar
MT — Mountain
MTBF — Mean time between failures
MTBR — Mean time between temovals
MTBUR — Mean time between unscheduled removals
MTO — Maintenance training organisation
MTOW — Maximum takeoff weight
MTP — Maximum tyre pressure
MTSAT — Multi-function transport satellite
MTTF — Mean time to failure
MTTR — Mean time to repair
MTTUR — Mean time to unscheduled removal
MTUR — Special term for data transmittal
MTW — Mountain waves
MU — Management unit
MVA — Minimum vector altitude
MWO — Meteorological watch office
MWP — Meteorological weather processor
MX — Mixed type of ice formation

All times are UTC