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Aviation abbreviations
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E — East
E/D — End of descent
E/O — Engine out
EADI — Electronic attitude director indicator
EAS — Equivalent airspeed
EASA — European Aviaton Safety Agency
EAT — Expected approach time
EB — Eastbound
ECAM — Electronic centralized aircraft monitor
ECAR — European Civil Aviation Requirement
ECON — Economy
ECS — Environmental control system
EDTO — Extended diversion time operations
EEC — Electronic engine control
EET — Estimated elapsed time
EFB — Electronic flight bag
EFC — Expect further clearance
EFIS — Electronic flight instrument system
EGNOS — European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System
EGPWS — Enhanced ground proximity warning system
EGT — Exhaust gas temperature
EHF — Extremely high frequency (30,000 to 300,000 MHz)
EHR — Encumbrance Holder Register
EHSI — Electronic horizontal situation indicator
EICAS — Engine indicating crew alerting system
EIU — Electronic interface unit
ELBA — Emergency locator beacon-aircraft
ELEV — Elevation
ELR — Extra long range
ELT — Emergency locator yransmitter
EM — Emission
EM — Engine manual
EM — Explanatory Memorandum
EMBD — Embedded in a layer
EMERG — Emergency
EMP — Electromagnetic pulse
EMS — Emergency medical service
EMS — Environment management system
END — Stop-end
ENDCE — Endurance
ENG — Engine
ENR — En-route
ENRC — En-route chart
EOBT — Estimated off blocks time
EPA — Environment Protection Agency
EPIRB — Electronic position indicating radio beacon
EPR — Engine pressure ratio
EPROM — Erasable programmable read-only memory
EQPT — Equipment
ER — Here, herewith
ERC — En-route chart
ERP — Emergency response plan
ES — Explanatory statement
ESD — Electrostatic sensitive discharge
ESDE — Electrostatic sensitive discharge equipment
ESIR — Electronic safety incident report
EST — Estimate, estimated
ETA — Estimated time of arrival
ETCM — Engine trend and condition monitoring
ETD — Estimated time of departure
ETO — Estimated time over
ETOPS — Extended range operations by turbine-engined aeroplanes
ETP — Equi time interval
ETT — Estimated time interval
ETX — End of transmission
EV — Every
EXC — Except
EXEC — Execute
EXER — Exercise, exercising
EXP — Expect, expecting, expected
EXTD — Extend, extending, extended

All times are UTC