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Aviation abbreviations
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G — Gravity
G — Green
G/A — Ground-to-air
G/A/G — Ground-to-air and air-to-ground
G/S — Glideslope
GA — Go around
GA — Go ahead, resume sending
GA — General Aviation
GAAP — General aviation aerodrome procedures
GAMET — Area forecast for low-level flights
GAR — Go around
GBAS — Ground based augmentation system
GCA — Ground controlled approach
GDLP — Ground data link processor
GDOP — Geometric dilution of precision
GEN — General
GEO — Geographic, true
GES — Ground earth station
GFY — Glider flying
GHA — Ground handling agents
GHZ (GHz) — Gigahertz
GIVD — Gravity tnduced vestibular dysfunction
GLD — Glider
GLOC — Gravity induced loss of consciousness
GLONASS — Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System
GM — Guidance material
GMC — Ground movement chart
GMT — Greenwich mean time
GND — Ground
GNDCK — Ground check
GNS — Global navigation system
GNSS — Global Navigation Satellite System
GP — Guiding principles
GP — Glide ath
GPI — Glide path intercept
GPS — Global Positioning System
GPWS — Ground proximity warning system
GR — Hail
GRAD — Minimum required climb gradient
GRAF — Ground replay and analysis facility
GRAS — Ground based regional augmentation system
GRASS — Grass landing area
GRIB — Processed meteoroglogical data in the form of grid point values expressed in binary form
GRP — Geographical reference points
GRVL — Gravel
GS — Small hail and/or snow pellets
GS — Groundspeed
GS — Ground speed
GS — Glide slope
GSE — Ground support equipment
GUND — Geoid undulation
GW — Gross weight

All times are UTC