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Aviation abbreviations
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H24 — Continuous day and night service
HAA — Height above aerodrome
HAM — Head of aircraft maintenance
HAMC — Head of aircraft maintenance control
HAPI — Helicopter approach path indicator
HAT — Height above threshold
HBARO — Barometric altitude
HBN — Hazard beacon
HDF — High frequency direction-finding station
HDG — Heading
HDG SEL — Heading select
HDOT — Inertial vertical speed
HDS — Hours of daylight saving
HE — Altitude arror
HEL — Helicopter
HF — High frequency (3,000 to 30,000 KHz)
HF — Human factors
HFEM — Human factor and error management system
HGS — Heads-up guidance system
HGT — Height, height above
HI — High
HIAL — High intensity approach lighting
HIOL — High intensity obstacle lights
HIRL — High intensity runway lighting
HIRS — High resolution infrared sounder
HJ — Sunrise to sunset
HLDG — Holding
HLS — Helicopter landing site
HMI — Human-machine interface
HN — Sunset to sunrise
HO — Service available to meet operational requirements
HOFO — Head of flying operations
HOSP — Hospital aircraft
HOTAS — Head of training and standards
HOTC — Head of training and checking
HP — Holding pattern
HP — Horse power
HPA — Hectopascal
HPRES — Pressure altitude
HR — Hours
HS — Service available during hours of scheduled operations
HS — Homestead
HSI — Horizontal Situation Indicator
HSL — Hold short lights
HUD — Head up display
HURCN — Hurricane
HVDF — High and very high frequency direction finding station
HVY — Heavy
HX — No specific working hours
HYR — Higher
HZ — Haze
HZ (Hz) — Hertz
HZS — Horizontal surface

All times are UTC