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Aviation abbreviations
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O-QAR — Optical quick access recorder
O/R — On request
OAG — Official Airline Guide
OAR — Office of Airspace Regulation
OAT — Outside air temperature
OAT — Outside air transport
OATS — Orbit and attitude tracking
OBS — Omni bearing selector
OBS — Observe, observed, observation
OBSC — Obscure, obscuring, obscured
OBST — Obstacle
OBSTR — Obstruction
OBTEX — Offboard targeting experiments
OC — Operating Certificate
OCA — Oceanic control area
OCA — Obstacle clearing altitude
OCC — Occulting
OCH — Obstacle clearance height
OCNL — Occasional, occasionally
OCT — October
OCTA — Outside control area
OCTR — Outside control zone
OEI — One engine inoperative
OEM — Original equipment manufacturer
OFST — Lateral offset active light
OFZ — Obstacle free zone
OGE — Operational ground equipment
OHD — Overhead
OHS — Occupation health and safety
OHSMS — Occupational health and safety management systems
OIS — OGE input simulator
OIS — Obstacle identification surface
OLC — Office of Legal Counsel
OLDI — On-line data interchange
OLS — Obstacle limitation surface
OM — Outer marker
OM — Operations Manual
OP — Operational
OPA — Opaque, white type of ice formation
OPC — Office of Parliamentary Counsel
OPMET — Operational meteorological
OPN — Open, opening, opened
OPN — Operational notification message
OPR — Operator, operate, operative, operating, operational
OPS — Operations
OPT — Optimum
OSI — Open sytem interconnection
OSIP — Overhaul and special inspections periods
OT — Other times
OTAC — Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars
OTAR — Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements
OTFP — Operational Ttaffic flow planning
OTLK — Outlook
OTP — On top
OUBD — Outboard
OVC — Overcast
OW — Over water

All times are UTC