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It is currently 29 Jul 2021, 15:14

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Aviation abbreviations
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N — North
N/A — Not Applicable
N1 — Gas generator speed
N2 — Second stage turbine speed
NG — Gas generator speed
NP — Propeller speed
NAA — National Airworthiness Authority
NACA — National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NAD — Non-acqueous developer
NANDTB — National Aerospace Non-destructive Testing Board
NAP — Noise abatement procedures
NAS — National aircraft standard
NAS — National airspace system
NASA — National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASC — National AIS System Centre
NAT — Navigation aid training
NATCA — National Air Traffic Controllers Association
NAV — Navigation
NAVAID — Navigation aid
NAWD — Non-acqueous wet developer
NB — Northbound
NBFR — Not before
NC — No change
ND — Navigation display
NDB — Non-directional radio beacon
NDI — Non-destructive inspection
NDT — Non-destructive testing
NE — North-east
NEG — Negative, no, permission not granted, that is not correct
NFRM — Notice of final rule making
NGATM — New generation air traffic manager
NGT — Night
NIL — None
NLM — Network loadable module
NM — Nautical miles
NMC — National Meteorological Center
NML — Normal
NOF — International NOTAM Office
NOSIG — No significant change
NOTAM — Notice to airmen
NOV — November
NOZ — Normal operating zone
NPA — Non-precision approach
NPC — Notice of proposed change
NPRM — Notice of proposed rule making
NSC — Nil significant cloud
NTA — No TAF amendment
NTL — National
NTS — Negative torque sensing system
NTZ — No-transgression zone
NVD — Night vision device
NVED — Night vision enhancement devices
NVET — National vocational education and training
NVFR — Night visual flight rules
NVG — Night vision goggles
NVIS — Night vision imaging systems
NW — North-west
NWS — National Weather Service
NXT — Next

All times are UTC